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Your generous contribution is pivotal in supporting a spectrum of initiatives at CCLATAM, fostering a network of passionately engaged Latin American individuals, creating captivating art exhibitions, conducting innovative research studies, and providing insightful discussions on public policy and entrepreneurship. Your gift extends beyond individual projects, underpinning CCLATAM's overarching mission to foster meaningful change and innovation. We can continue illuminating and exploring the rich tapestry of Latin America's culture, challenges, and opportunities through your support.

How to give

By Check:

Center for Latin America Convergence
8401 SW 52nd Avenue 
Miami, FL  33143

By Wire Transfer:

Account #: 80012779592

ABA: 321081669


Remember to include a mailing address or email address to receive a receipt.  CCLATAM is a not-for-profit institution tax-exempted under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All gifts will be tax-deductible within the limits of the law in the United States. CCLatam's ENI for Tax Reporting:93-3434962.

Alternative gifts


If you'd like to give via an alternative method, including in-kind gifts, please reach out to us at



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