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                         Karina Riera

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Karina Riera is an experienced entrepreneur and executive creating value through various networks comprising allies and clients worldwide. Early, she co-founded a company partially acquired by a multinational, helping them grow their business in LATAM and creating a network of 80 affiliates all around America.

As a Consultant for the World Economic Forum in Latin America, she liaises with European and American companies as an expert in communications in this region.

Her expertise in LATAM helped many global companies and organizations succeed in their business efforts in the region. IBM, SICPA, GAVI, IOC, P&G, BID, Globant, Toyota, BASF, DTV, Warner, VISA, and Microsoft are among present and former clients.

Every effort to empower women in the corporate world is a must. For this reason, she currently serves as the leader of the Female Quotient Pack in LATAM and co-founder of Argentina’s chapter Unstereotype Alliance by UN Women. She is also part of the Advisory Board at We are All Human Foundation, to empower Hispanics in the USA, and WiNN, an international network of 4,000 women in media and communications in Iberian America.

Her passion for sports led her to become a consultant for different sports in Argentina, including Polo, Rugby, Female Soccer, and the International Committee in Lausanne for Latin America.

Image by Everaldo Coelho
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