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Luis Enrique Cruz

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Luis Enrique Cruz is a versatile entrepreneur committed to the growth of Guatemala. Luis founded successful companies in various sectors and is known for leadership skills, building trust relationships, and providing strategic advice on investments, energy, and innovation. He promotes citizen participation in politics and business. Luis holds a Bachelor of Law from Francisco Marroquín University and a Master's degree in Public Policy from Rafael Landivar University. As an entrepreneur, he founded Integrated Legal Group (GLI), which provides legal advice in civil, labor, corporate, commercial, and intellectual property law, and FMS Legal Services. This firm specializes in complex business transactions, civil law, labor law, intellectual property, and civil litigation. He is the Director of Corporate Affairs at Grupo Salinas, Guatemala. As a civil society leader, Luis funded Ciudadano Responsable, a platform fostering constructive discussions regarding Guatemala's most urgent issues, and Pro-Lideres, an association providing workshops and learning tools to youth in politics. Luis is a board member of Cedecon, an independent, neutral organization that works to protect Guatemala's constitution. 

Image by Everaldo Coelho
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