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CCLATAM is a pioneering think tank dedicated to advancing the realms of policy discussions and transformative change across the diverse landscape of Latin America. We operate on the foundational principles of transparency and inclusion, understanding that we can only unleash the region's immense potential through open and constructive dialogue. By working hand in hand with our diverse network, CCLATAM aims to be a driving force behind sustainable change in the region.


CCLATAM is more than just a forum for discussion; it's a dynamic community where innovation and collaboration thrive.

Our commitment is to provide an arena where all perspectives converge, enriching and empowering our collective knowledge.

We understand that Latin America's challenges are as diverse as its cultures, so we foster an environment where the convergence of these diverse voices can lead to equitable solutions.

our mission

Our mission is rooted in the belief that Latin America possesses untapped strengths and capabilities that, when harnessed effectively, can drive monumental progress and prosperity. By fostering comprehensive, evidence-based dialogues among the region's foremost thinkers, policymakers, and academics, we aim to catalyze informed, impactful policy solutions.

our vision

Through total transparency and an unwavering dedication to the region's welfare, we will bring out the best of Latin America, helping the region flourish and realize its full potential. By working hand in hand with our diverse network, CC-LATAM aims to be a driving force behind sustainable change in the region.

HOW WE do it


We strive to create a platform for stakeholders to engage in open and inclusive discussions. CCLATAM's first pillar is to facilitate dialogue and exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices by bringing representatives from various sectors together.

Through these conversations, stakeholders can identify challenges, explore potential solutions, and build partnerships to drive economic and social development in Latin America.



The second pillar emphasizes the importance of research and analysis in informing evidence-based policies and strategies. CCLATAM researches the region's critical economic and social issues, identifying trends, opportunities, and risks. By generating knowledge and insights, the organization provides stakeholders with the necessary information to make informed decisions, design effective interventions, and drive sustainable growth in Latin America.




The third pillar focuses on facilitating the convergence of business opportunities in Latin America. CCLATAM aims to connect entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders to foster collaboration and partnerships. Through networking events, matchmaking programs, and industry-specific initiatives, stakeholders are provided with a platform to identify and pursue business opportunities. This pillar aims to promote innovation, economic growth, and success for businesses in the region.



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